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29 July 2008


Dear Aspiritus Member

The Aspiritus management team has been working tirelessly since the issues arose with our gaming partner. Every effort has been made to find another provider or partner that would enable us to implement new products as soon as possible. However, our search has been futile to date due to time constraints on delivering new products, the cost of obtaining new licenses or a mixture of both.

Over the last week, Aspiritus management has been reviewing the business and it is with great regret that we will have to close the Aspiritus business with immediate effect as the impact on the Aspiritus business of the recent contractual dispute, and ultimate termination of the contract, with our gaming operator has been devastating. The dispute has put Aspiritus under further financial strain and after reviewing the cash flow of the business, the Aspiritus management team has been left with no alternative.

While the decision has been made to close the Aspiritus business, Aspiritus management has held discussions with a new gaming operator, who will be opening their website in August, and they have agreed to place Aspiritus members into their database. As well as this, the Aspiritus management team continues to negotiate with this operator on how Aspiritus can secure a holding that would allow our members holding Club Equity credits to have some future ownership of the new company as well as migrating the VirtuDAQ and S8 + Superdraw products. When Aspiritus finalizes a contract with this new company, Aspiritus will contact all members via email with any proposal that we have been able to agree to.

As well as the negotiations stated above, Aspiritus is seeking further legal advice on the recent developments in order to rectify some of the losses in reputation and business that have come out of this dispute. All members are advised that if Aspiritus is able to secure any compensation from any action or settlement, these funds will be put towards extinguishing any outstanding debts including member balances.

Aspiritus would like to thank all our loyal members for their support over the years. It has been a sometimes rewarding, sometimes difficult business to be part of, but Aspiritus has lasted through some very tough times and we will continue to strive for the best outcome for our members.


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