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Got questions?  

 A1) What is Global Stock Game? Global Stock Game is an online information and support system for independent members of World Games Inc. .

 A2) What is the Game?   World Games Inc.  is a global stock "game" based on the trading of "Global Airlines" virtual shares. The game is virtual but the money is VERY Real!

 A3) What is the relationship between Global Stock Game and World Games Inc. ? Global Stock Game - created by successful independent members of World Games Inc., is designed purely as an information and support system for active members of World Games Inc.  

 A4) Do I need to be a member of Global Stock Game to join World Games Inc. ?   No, you do not need to become a member of Global Stock Game. In order to join World Games Inc. you will just need a referral username.   

A5) How much does it cost to be a member of Global Stock Game? Membership is FREE at this time.

A6) Can I use the same username that I have for World Games Inc. ?  Yes, you can choose any username provided it is not already taken by another Global Stock Game Member.

A7) What are the benefits of being a Global Stock Game Member?    Members will have access to current information and tools designed to build your World Games Inc. business. Members will be able to use Global Stock Game as a support center.


B1) When did World Games Inc.  start the Stock Game? World Games Inc. is the new business name of the World Games Inc. (formerly VGGlobal) company that  launched on April 27, 2001

B2) Where is World Games Inc. located? The registered office for WGInc is in the British Virgin Islands.

B3) What are the operational hours of World Games Inc. ?
World Games Inc. is an Internet based company and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

B4) Does World Games Inc.  have a reputable Business and Gaming License?
Yes. World Games Inc. has obtained its business and gaming licenses from the Belize authorities. Belize has provided licenses to some of the largest online gaming sites in the world.

B5) What does GLA stand for?  GLA stands for "Global Airlines". This is a fictitious virtual stock company and was created by World Games Inc  for the purpose of playing "The Stock Game" (STG).


 B6) When will more GLA shares be issued?  GLA started with an IPO (initial Public Offering) of 5,000,000 (five million). Shares may be split in the future. There is some discussion about making it public... but not yet.

 B7) How will the limited volume of shares benefit the members?  The limited number of shares will help to drive the cost of the shares up. We fully anticipate the value of the virtual stock will rise to Ä50.00 EUR per share. 

 B8) Why does the company use Euros (EUR)  and not another currency? As per new updated and changes to WGI all Currency is now in  EUR. "The upgraded site now operates in Euros (EUR) for members to facilitate easier fund transfers and to reduce currency conversion fees."

B9) When did WGI convert from Swiss Francs to Euros?  The upgraded WGI website was launched on Monday, 22nd March 2004.

B10) How do I  become a World Games Inc ?  To become a member of World Games Inc.  you will need to sign up through your sponsor's at WGI's Website  .  Please contact us if you need a sponsor. For more information just follow this link to our graphical screen explanation: Join Now 

B11)  Can I just play the World Games Inc.  casino games? Yes, you will need to join as at "Standard Package" of World Games Inc. Fee: 65 Euro (EUR). For more information on the World Games Inc.  "Standard" membership package click here

B12) When did the new Casino Games begin?    The ultimate online casino was launched on June 7th 2003 . Members will have the opportunity to play games of chance like Keno, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, and more. The Bingo Parlor will have several live games per day, as well as 24 hour a day games.

B13)  What is the Mandatory Rule?   The Mandatory Rule states that 70% of all winnings by a Member from the Sweepstakes 8 are paid in Euros (EUR) directly into the Members Personal Account. The remaining 30% is paid into the Memberís Mandatory stock purchase account. Similarly, 70% of any earnings of a Member from RMRís (Member Rewards or from Matching Bonuses) are paid into the Memberís Personal Account. Again, the remaining 30% is credited to the Memberís Mandatory stock purchase account. Within seven (7) days of receiving 30% of winnings from the Sweepstakes 8, or earnings from member Rewards or Matching Bonuses, in to the Memberís Mandatory stock purchase account the Member shall invest that amount in WGI Stocks. Should the Member not have purchased stock from the Mandatory account within 7 days, the system will automatically make this purchase. Earnings from RMR shall be calculated weekly by WGI, advised by email to each Memberís WGI address, and placed in the Members Accounts. WGI Stocks purchases by WGI, in accordance with the Mandatory Rule, shall be spread, as far as is reasonably possible, evenly across all available WGI Virtual Stock Exchange trading.

Weekly, on Fridays, 30% of all earnings and 30% of all Sweepstakes 8 winnings is transferred to Members' Mandatory Accounts. This amount must be invested in World Games Inc. Stock within 7 days, should the member not invest the mandatory Account balance within the 7 days allocated the system will automatically purchase shares at the prevailing average price.

B14)  What is the Escrow Rule?   The Escrow Rule states that once Members purchase their Mandatory required stock, 50% of this is free trading (capable of being sold forthwith) while the remaining 50% is held in Escrow for 30 Days and then this balance becomes free trading.

B15)  How can I contact WGI?

WGI Compliance - Issues involving a breach or alleged breach of the rules governing members' conduct imposed by WGI.

WGI Events -

Request for representatives of WGI to attend functions

WGI Jurisdiction -

Information or enquiries regarding jurisdictions in which WGI does not operate.

WGI Leaders Recognition Program -

Information or enquiries regarding the Leaders Recognition Program.

WGI Press Enquiries -

Information or enquiries regarding press or media publications.

WGI Support -

Members who are not able to access their WGI Website for any reason.

WGI Testimonials -

Any Member wishing to submit a testimonial about their journey with WGI, to be made available for publication.



C1) Who can help me join?    You should contact the World Games Inc. member who referred you to this site.  

Be sure to ask for your sponsors SIGN-UP Code  (Their Member ID) and their Username.

If you do not have a contact and want to get started now just contact us.


C2)  How do you make money by helping others join? When you help someone to become a new member of World Games Inc., you will receive rewards. All Member Rewards are expressed and accumulated in "Units", totaled in points and then paid out through the Binary Compensation Plan. For example: each new ambassador or prestige broker membership is worth 75 points to the member who introduced them to the game.

C3) How do I get more information on developing my organization?  We suggest you contact your sponsor or study the information available to members of WGI. We advise you to read WGI's  Policies and Procedures that apply to your membership. We suggest you communicate to your prospective Members,  encourage them to visit the web site and then offer to personally explain any questions they may have.


D1)  What do I get with my  Member Website? 

The GSG Member Website System

1)   Your own Website specially designed to encourage people  to join World Games Inc. as new members in your organization. 
2) Hosted on a State of the Art Secure Server (99.9% Uptime)
3) Business building and Internet marketing tips.
4) Web counter - number statistics emailed to you.


D2) Do I need to purchase a Global Stock Game "Members  Website"?  No, but if you desire to expand your World Games Inc. organization quickly and easily, we strongly recommend it.

D3) How much does my Global Stock Game  "Members Website" cost?  
For only $150.00 US you get the entire Members Website Support System Package.  Click here to purchase your package now. There is an annual renewal fee of $100.00 US. 

D4) What methods of Payment can I use?  We currently accept  Visa and  MasterCard through PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay by Certified check or international Money Order Please contact us with the details of your request.

D5) What will the address of my Member Website be?   Your "Username" will be the same as your World Games Inc. "Username".  If you are interested in having a shorter URL please contact us.

D6)  How soon will I be able to use my Global Stock Game Member Website  for promoting my World Games Inc.  business? You will be able to use your "Member Website" within 24 hours of your payment confirmation.  You will be notified by the email address you provide us with.



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